Criminal Defense

When you are either arrested or investigated for suspected criminal activity, you serve yourself well by involving your legal representative in the process as early as possible. By working closely with your defense attorney during the initial stages of your case, you give yourself your best chance at building an adequate defense and preventing a criminal charge against you from turning into a criminal conviction.

Pre-Arrest Criminal Representation

The criminal process doesn’t always begin at the moment of arrest. Unless you were “caught in the act,” chances are a large part of the investigation will come prior to your arrest by police, including questioning by officers. During this questioning, police may use many tactics to try to get you to admit to the crime for which you are being charged, whether you have committed that crime or not. While there are rules regarding what police can and cannot do during pre-arrest, they do have a lot of leeway in getting you to talk. What you say during your questioning by police may determine what happens next. Say the wrong thing, police and prosecutors can use it against you in court. Say the right thing, you may not face arrest at all. Your attorney’s job in this early stage is to help you know when it’s best to speak and when it’s best not to, and to ensure your rights are upheld before you are arrested.

Post-Arrest Criminal Defense

After you have been arrested, the real defense begins. Even if you have already been arrested, an effective attorney may be able to convince the state to decide not to prosecute you. The sooner you start working with your attorney to go over all the details of your case, the more details you are likely to remember, and the stronger your legal defense will be. When it comes to a criminal trial, you need an attorney with ample experience in the criminal court system, who understands the process and how the prosecution goes about trying to prove their case to a jury.

Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

Gary Schwartz is an Orlando-based criminal defense attorney who represents clients arrested for crimes throughout Central Florida. Whether you have yet to be arrested or are already facing a criminal charge, Mr. Schwartz provides dedicated, aggressive criminal defense on your behalf. With more than a decade of experience representing clients in criminal cases and defending clients in the criminal court system, Mr. Schwartz can guide you through your criminal case, from your pre-arrest through hearings, negotiations, and trial, ensuring you get fair treatment and your voice is heard.

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