Practice Areas

Criminal Appeals

Being convicted of a criminal offense is devastating. But, there is still hope. If you were convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison for more than one year, you have a right to appeal. The appellate process is not an easy one and the odds are not in your favor. You can increase those odds by having an appellate attorney on your side working on your behalf who is experienced and who has a track record of success.

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Criminal Defense

When you have been picked up for a criminal act, you serve yourself well by involving your legal representative in the process as early as possible. By working closely with your defense attorney during the initial stages of your case, you give yourself your best chance at building an adequate defense and preventing a criminal charge against you from turning into a criminal conviction.

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Post-Conviction Relief

You may be very discouraged. You were convicted at your criminal trial and given a sentence that seems overwhelming. All the issues you presented on direct appeal were denied and your conviction was upheld. You think there is no more hope. While the odds are not in your favor, with an experienced post-conviction relief attorney fighting for your rights, you can continue your quest for freedom. There are a number of post-conviction remedies that may be available to you depending on the unique circumstances of your particular case.

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