Gary Schwartz

Whether you are facing criminal charges, or looking for help to correct mistakes made by a judge or previous attorney, the assistance of a proven, competent attorney is invaluable.  Gary has been an attorney in the State of Florida since 1999, and has been practicing exclusively criminal law since 2000.  During this time he has worked as both an Assistant State Attorney and an Assistant Public Defender.  During his four years as an Assistant State Attorney, Gary worked closely with law enforcement, training them on the proper handling of forensic evidence, as well as assisting them in the preparation of search and arrest warrants.

His experience as a prosecutor assists him in anticipating the way the State puts a case together against a defendant, as well as identifying problems in the State’s cases. As an Assistant Public Defender Gary spent two years handling felony cases in circuit court. Gary’s responsibilities in circuit court included battling charges of sexual misconduct, drug trafficking, robberies and firearms cases. Practicing in the Public Defender’s office enabled Gary the opportunity to do what he went to law school for; to defend the rights of a private citizen against the power of the government, which all too often oversteps its rightful authority.

Attorney Gary Schwartz, Esq.

Gary attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey and graduated in 1994 with degrees in English and Sociology. He spent two years working as an editor before enrolling in Brooklyn Law School in 1996. While at Brooklyn Law School Gary was awarded two fellowships for his service in the public interest, specifically relating to his work in the fields of Native American Rights and Political Asylum for Refugees.

Gary offers a free 30 minute consultation and welcomes new clients at his Orlando, FL, law office. He works closely with clients to help them set and achieve goals for their case. He is an excellent communicator who takes time to make sure his clients understand the legal processes they are going through, and to keep them constantly informed about their case progress.

Florida Criminal Defense Legal Services

Attorney Gary Schwartz, Esq., is experienced in all areas of Criminal Defense. At our law firm, we offer the following Florida Criminal Defense Legal Services:

  • Criminal Defense – Consultation and representation through all stages of the criminal process; pre-arrest until trial.
  • Criminal Appeals – Challenging wrongful convictions and illegal sentences throughout the State of Florida
  • Post-Conviction Relief – We challenge failures that occur in the justice system, including involuntary pleas, ineffective trial counsel and illegal or excessive sentences.

Gary is passionate about protecting the rights of individuals who find themselves swept up in the criminal justice system. He is dedicated to bringing his experience as a prosecutor and a defense attorney to bear in an intelligent, strategic analysis of your case.

If you are facing criminal charges or have other concerns about Criminal Defense, get the answers you need today.

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