Attorney Gary Schwartz, Esq.

An accomplished and respected legal professional, Attorney Gary Schwartz has a solid background of experience and knowledge in Criminal Defense. He provides a wide variety of legal services to clients, including defense, appeals and post-conviction relief. Gary is a graduate of the Brooklyn Law School and Rutgers University, and a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Licensed to practice law in Florida since 1999, Attorney Schwartz offers clients a free 30 minute consultation and welcomes people from all backgrounds. He has extensive experience with the Florida Criminal Justice System, having served previously as an Assistant Attorney General and Assistant Public Defender. He has handled complex felony cases and also has helped train law enforcement officers.

Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

During his experience in Florida as a Criminal Defense Attorney and Assistant Public Defender, Gary has defended client cases at all stages from pre-arrest through trial. Many cases included charges of sexual misconduct, robberies, drug trafficking, and firearms violations. Gary understands how to defend citizen rights against a powerful government.

  • Criminal Defense legal services offered by Attorney Gary Schwartz, Esq., include helping people protect their rights when charged with any type of criminal violation. Cases handled include misdemeanors, felonies, grand theft, DUI manslaughter, aggravated batteries, DWI/DUI & traffic violations.
  • Criminal Appeals is an important issue for persons charged with crimes. A strong defense is needed to fight wrongful convictions and illegal sentences.
  • Post-Conviction Relief is another area where having the right attorney on your side can alter decisions that affect your entire future.

Gary is a compassionate attorney, dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals who find themselves caught up in the criminal justice system. He brings all his experience as a prosecutor and a defense attorney to each case in order to create an intelligent, strategic analysis of the case.

If you, or a loved one, are facing criminal charges or want to make an appeal on a prior conviction, get the best Criminal Defense possible. Learn how we can help you fight for your rights and freedoms. Contact the law office of Attorney Gary Schwartz, Esq., in Orlando, FL. Call us now, at (407) 267-1134.